Self Care Post

As I am in the midst of college-ing, I have found that life can get rough. Especially when you forget to be kind to your body and mind. Introvert or Extrovert, you need a specific amount of time for re-charging. What that looks like and how long it is will vary based on each unique … More Self Care Post


Truth is a serious business in the recovery zone.   When you’re in the middle of a struggle, the voices whirling around you are anything but silent. And to make things harder, they don’t all agree. Head voices are the loudest ones. But they are influenced by the others ones around you. People at school, … More Truth

Social Eating

Lately I’ve been having a tough time eating all my food around people. Why? I don’t know exactly. I think it’s because I care a whole lot about what people think. Sometimes I’d rather just eat alone to avoid comments or looks. People are nosy and it just feels like no matter what it is, … More Social Eating


  Tuesday Lazy Good Morning! Or afternoon, or evening, night… whatever it is for your corner of the earth. Today is pretty rainy and gray where I am in America… kind of hard to be motivated and pull energy out nowhere on a day like this. I’m stuck inside my office today, sitting at a desk … More LAZY GRAY